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A Review of “A Voice Like Velvet”

A Review of “A Voice Like Velvet”

 by Donald Henderson (Author),

This novel is written around the war years. (1940’s)

Ernest Bisham was a BBC radio announcer. As with BBC announcers of the time, he has a gentleman’s accent. Being wartime, the public is grateful for Bisham’s reassuring tone while relating the news.

His avid listeners include his wife, Marjorie, and sister, Bess, an ATS sergeant.

Bisham’s picture regularly appears in the Radio Times which means that he is also recognised by the Great British Public wherever he goes.

Bisham does have a secret, though. He’s had an obsession with cat burglary ever since he was dared steal something from his headmaster’s office.

In adulthood, the urge continues but he progresses to stealing jewels from wealthy people he meets through his position at the BBC.

However, he has no idea what to do with all the jewels he takes. They are still part of his boyhood dare.

The novel plays upon the social and class structure of the time. It also pokes fun at the BBC and Scotland Yard’s attempts to catch their cat burglar.

This is a novel of its time; mainly prose and very little speech to liven it up.

My rating is three stars


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