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An Insight to Drive

An Insight to Drive

by Kathy Higgins (Author)

An Insight to Drive

How to pass your driving test and learn to drive at the same time 

5.0 out of 5 stars  Best read for learners and driver trainers

 An Insight to Drive is written in easy-to-understand language.

Better still, Kathy Higgins is a Driving Consultant and Instructor with over 20 years of experience, which she shares in this invaluable guide to learning to drive and becoming a safe driver for life. Kathy offers guidance on finding the right instructor, understanding and passing the Theory Test, dealing with driving test nerves, caring for your car and how to ensure that you develop good, safe driving behaviors that will benefit you (and all other road users) every time you get behind the wheel!

I guarantee you will not hit the pain barrier by page 3 with An Insight to Drive.
The hot tips and short stories prevent a dry-as-dust approach to the subject. See below:-

A few examples are given below in Katy’s words:- I was on a driving assessment with an elderly gent, we were in a 30mph speed limit. He started to really go for it, starting to power up going faster and faster. I said to him, this is a 30mph speed limit, he replied, “I know, I know. I’m trying to get up to 30. ” he pointed at the dial and said, “look at the dial!”

He was looking at the rev counter, he was trying to get to 3000 revs!


I fondly remember an elderly lady who was on a driving development course because she had had a little crash. She was very small, so small I had to put a cushion on the seat for her so she could reach the pedals. Unfortunately, her driving was very substandard. I had to say to her, quite painfully, because you never like saying this to anybody, “it is about time you thought about giving your licence up, and clearly your driving has fallen below standard.” Her reply was, “Oh Kathy, I’m so glad you said that I was hoping you would say that, because I’ve been thinking about giving my licence up anyway and getting myself a motorbike instead.”


I was taking a young chap on his driving lesson. While we were driving along, we were discussing anticipation skills. I was pointing out various things like the taxi in front might pull over, because I had seen the person inside lean forward, sure enough, the taxi pulled over. Everything I was pointing out then happened. He then started having a mini panic attack saying, “I need to pull over I need to pull over,” so I said, “okay let’s find somewhere safe to pull over. As we were pulling over, I said, “it looks like it’s going to rain.” The second I said this, it started to rain. As soon as we pulled over, he started to rave at me, “it’s you it’s you, you must be some sort of voodoo queen, everything your saying is happening, you even commanded it to rain! Have you got some sort of chicken head under my seat?!?” It took me ages to calm him down again.

5.0 out of 5 stars from me.

Andrew R Williams

Author of the Tipham Trilogy and the Arcadia’s Children series.

If you want more information about Kathy Higgins driving journey see below.

Kathy Higgins a driving journey

Kathy Higgings told me that she didn’t start her career as a driving instructor.  She arrived at the profession when she realised what she loved about being a sales representative, selling veterinary medicines, was the driving.

Being a sales rep took her all over the country, driving on roads and routes she did not know, navigating them all without the handy Sat Nav system, or even Google Maps.

More often than not she would come home complaining to he dad, Brian, telling him about yet another near-miss she’d  had.

He advised her to take some advanced driving lessons; he claimed that I could easily pass the test. In this, her father had thrown down the gauntlet, there was nothing else she could do, but contact her local advanced driving group, which was the IAM, (Institute of Advanced Motorists, now called IAM Roadsmart.)

She passed the IAM test, first time in 1995.

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