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And Away… by Bob Mortimer

And Away… by Bob Mortimer

A Review of “And Away” by Bob Mortimer

I watched. Bob Mortimer on “Would I Lie to You” and found him highly amusing. For instance, he described how did his own dentistry and how he set his parent’s house on fire. The opposing team accused him of lying but it was all true. So when my book club put “And Away”,  Bob Mortimer’s autobiography on the list, I had to read it.

I started on the paperback version but something was missing. I had a “free” Audible pass so I called it up. Hearing Bob speaking changed a two-star to a four-star experience. In Audible, Bob came to life.

The first half of the book describes the life of young Bob Mortimer growing up in Middlesbrough before he became famous and his love of football. The second half is mainly about the celebrity Bob after he ran into Vic Reeves who of course eventually became his longstanding comedy partner.

“And Away” is a serious book but it also managed to be warm and cuddly. The autobiography reveals Bob’s journey through life, his extreme shyness when he was young and how he found it difficult to make friends, his friendships (when he succeeded in making them).

Bob also tells us about his professional life before he met  Vic Reeves. Bob’s bio reveals that he was a solicitor with a heart. (A heart that needed bypass surgery at one stage.)  This part tells you more about Bob Mortimer as a person; no ambulance chaser here. It is an honest and informative book and Bob comes across as very smart, very likeable and a kind person. But we all knew that already.

The book also describes how he met Vic Reeves (real name Jim Moir) and how they started to work together.  It also explains his friendship with Paul Whitehouse and their fishing adventures.

Four Stars from me ****

Reviewed by Andrew R Williams Author of the Tipham Trilogy and the Arcadia’s Children series.

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