Arcadia’s Children 4: Exodus

Arcadia's Children 4: Exodus : novel by Andrew R Williams : Fantasy space portal

Ed Pushley is a dangerous man. With his mind being influenced by the spirit of a dead spettro he agrees to go to Midway and buy teleport equipment so that the Great Ones can leave Arcadia, a dying world. Yalt also goes with him.

Mick Tarmy, Claire Hyndman and Nonie Tomio (together with Alex, Claire’s TK5 protection droid) set off in pursuit.

Unbeknown to Tarmy, Samantha the insane robotic leader of Arden sends Lon Freedon and one of her Black Clad henchmen after Ed Pushley too.

Will Tarmy managed to stop Ed Pushley from teleporting the evil Great Ones to Midway?