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Arcadia’s Children 4 – Exodus: Sci-fi packed with adventure in this long-awaited sequel. An engaging storyline that doesn’t fail to thrill.

 ‘Arcadia’s Children 4 – Exodus’ is another winner in the series created by Andrew R. Williams. It’s an exciting and gripping sci-fi adventure that holds the reader from start to finish. The imagery in the writing style is impressive, the characters and premise are compelling, and a clear effort has gone into producing something rather special in this solid instalment for the dedicated fans of sci-fi. It leads to reflection, has well-defined characters, exciting battles and some moments of genuine wonder with the infinity of space. It’s a work that seeks and finds its own personality within the saga. Fans will want to highly recommended it.

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The United Kingdom – ‘Arcadia’s Children 4: Exodus’ by Andrew R Williams is the fourth book in the Arcadia’s Children series, and it’s only getting better. This sci-fi thriller is a great and compelling read.

Synopsis of ‘Arcadia’s Children 4: Exodus’ by Andrew R Williams:

Ed Pushley is a dangerous man. With his mind influenced by the spirit of a dead Spettro, he agrees to go to Midway and buy teleport equipment so that the Great Ones can leave Arcadia, a dying world. Yalt, a teleport engineer, goes with him.

Mick Tarmy, Claire Hyndman and Nonie Tomio – together with Alex, Claire’s TK5 protection droid – set off in pursuit. But, unbeknown to Tarmy,  Samantha, the insane robotic leader of Arden, sends Lon Freedon and one of her Black Clad henchmen after Ed Pushley too.

Will Tarmy manage to stop Ed Pushley from teleporting the evil Great Ones to Midway? The exciting saga continues.

Early Reviews:

“In a field crowded with disappointing tomes, what a pleasure it was to read ‘Arcadia’s Children 4: Exodus’ by Andrew R. Williams.” – Emerald Book Reviews.

“This is how sci-fi should be written. An engaging tale that makes the reader actually want to turn the pages.” – Atlantic Way Review

“A spectacular flight of the imagination.” – Amazon reviewer


About the author:

Some legends say that Andrew R Williams travelled to Earth from a dying world thousands of years ago to share the stories of his home planet. Others say that he is nothing more than a brain in a jar, slowly using his telepathic probes to take control of the planet. All of them were wrong!

The truth is that Andrew is a retired Chartered Surveyor. He dreams of adventuring through the stars and travelling through worlds filled with thrilling adventure, nightmare creatures, psychotic A.I. and a pet Pterodactyl. Now, thanks to the invention of the quill pen, Andrew has managed to bring these worlds to all of us with the fantastic Arcadia’s Children series, which we can all  enjoy. There are currently four books in the  Arcadia’s Children series, soon to be joined by more.

Andrew has been invited to appear at Comic-Con in Liverpool (November 13-14), a fan convention held annually in the city to celebrate film, , cult television, video gaming, anime, cosplay and comic books.

See www.comicconventionliverpool.co.uk

4 Additional Books

 Arcadia’s Children: Samantha’s Revenge    https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08JQNSNWX








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