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Arcadia’s Children: Samantha’s Revenge

There are currently three books in the  Arcadia’s Children series (Soon to be joined by the fourth)

They are action sci-fi.

The first book in Arcadia’s Children series, Arcadia’s Children: Samantha’s Revenge revolves around two enemy groups:-

  • Arcadia’s Children: Samantha’s Revenge

    The Great Ones – An alien species that lives in the Fyfield Valley

  • The Minton Mining company which is mining Arden, Arcadia’s main moon

Samantha is the deputy security director of the Minton Mining company. (She is also a derange humanoid.)

After sending her mercenary troops into the Fyfield Valley, they are totally routed by the Great One’s animal army but Smantha is determined to get her revenge.

The only survivor of the ill-fated invasion is Claire Hyndman and she is only clinging onto life because Samantha has put her in a suspension unit. Before going in with the mercenary forces, Claire Hyndman as an archaeologist. She had worked with a team of people trying to discover what had happened to the survivors of a wrecked First Empire starship.

When Samantha captures Zia Warmers (a terrorist), she discovers that Warmers is a shape changer. When Claire Hyndman dies, Samantha brainwashes Zia Warmers and forces her to become Claire Hyndman. She also puts implants into Claire’s skull to make sure she obeys orders.

She then pairs the new Claire Hyndman up with Mick Tarmy (also brainwashed and implanted) and sends them to Arcadia to continue her war against the great ones.

If you want to know more, buy the book (or why not the whole series)

Here are the Arcadia Children’s links with Amazon




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