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Are You a Bob?

Bob was a guy I knew who would talk the hind leg off a donkey in a 1 2 1 situation.

But Bob couldn’t address an audience for toffee.

As a BNI member, Bob (like all the rest of the group) stood up and gave a 60-second talk about his business and the ideal customer he wanted to meet. He was an insurance agent, and farmers were his best client.

Bob fluffed his 60 seconds every week.  He stood up, went bright red and nothing came out except gurgles.

Even as I’m writing this, I can sense some Linkedin experts rubbing their hands and saying, “Send him to us … We’ll sort Bob out.”

Well, let me tell you, Bob had tried everything.

I still feel sorry for Bob because I’m a semi-Bob.  To get though my 60 seconds, I write out a script in huge print and read it out.

Moving forwards to Linkedin posts. The experts say that if you speak to camera, people are more likely listen to what you are saying.

As a Semi-Bob, I have been looking for solutions. I think I have now found the answer; Virtual reality.

See the link below

What do you think?

It a solution for Bobs and Semi Bobs?



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