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Dark Sci-Fi.

What exactly is dark science fiction?

If you have watched the film Alien and its sequels, are you watching a horror movie or a science fiction film?

It could be classed as sci fi because it has all the aspects of sci-fi, namely:-

It’s set in space, in the future.

There’s an android, advanced technology and a spaceship.

There is a new lifeform on a distant planet….

But you could argue it’s horror

The Nostomo’s crew take on a mersy mission.

They end up being hunted by a ‘monster’

There is an android under orders to take the “monster” back and sacrifice the human crew.

I would say the dark sci fi combines horror and science fiction because it has elements of both.

So what do you think.? Is Alien:-

  • Sci fi
  • Horror
  • Dark sci fi.

Comments please ( just go 1, 2 3)

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