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Extract from Arcadia’s Children:Samantha’s Revenge


“This is a private prison, Mick,” the director answered, “one that is run and supervised by the Minton Mining Company.”

Before Tarmy could ask any more questions, the director added, “The people in here are a danger to society. That’s why they are here.”

Tarmy became accusing.  “Am I to assume these people haven’t committed any crimes? Your people have just rounded them up and imprisoned them?”

“I appreciate that what we are doing here offends you, Mick; but needs must when the Devil drives.”

“Presumably, that is why you are wearing that mask,” Tarmy sniped. “So that no one will know who you really are, and you can’t be held accountable for what you are doing.”

“This is like all wars. Once the battle is won and all the difficult decisions made, the bleeding hearts start crawling out of the woodwork, twisting the truth to suit their own political ends and demanding that scapegoats be found. Although I know I am carrying out essential work; it stands to reason that another generation will judge me harshly. In times of old, a brave man was respected for his bravery. But, in our society, heroes swiftly become victims of neglect: objects of jest, unfair criticism, false accusation, bullying, crime, and in the worst-case scenario, branded as war criminals. History is littered with such things.”



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