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Great Weekend at Comic Com May 2022 Liverpool

Andrew R Williams at Comic Com May 2022 Liverpool

Thanks to a neighbour and Sarah Jackson for volunteering to come with me to man the desk. (I hope this term doesn’t offend)

My main reason for attending Comic Com was not to make sales but to “put myself out there” and meet a few fans or gain a few more.

Friday 20th May 2020

The usual chaos reigned when we got there, but we were finally allocated a table set up.

Saturday and Sunday, 21st and 22nd May 2020

If you have never been to Comic Con, it’s a let you hair down time. Most people arrive dressed as their favourite Sci-Fi character. The professionals’ parade in elaborate costumes that must have cost a small fortune to make or buy.

There are long queues of people wanting to have their photos taken with their favourite film or TV stars.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, rubs shoulders with Doctor Who (there were at least 2), Del Boy, Superman, Supergirl and Star Troopers and other fictional characters stride around in body armour carrying fearsome-looking weapons. ( All made from soft PVC)

In the background R2-D2 is chasing around making weird sounds and Woolf whistling at the girls (all in the best possible taste) and the kids are fighting with light sabres.

The two days were hectic, and all my copies of Marooned disappeared on the first day. The whole Arcadia Series went well and so did Superior.

I was particularly chuffed when a lady came to the table and smiled. I went through a I-know-you-from-somewhere moment

The smile increased, and she reminded me that she’d read Jim’s Revenge, thoroughly enjoyed it and bought a copy of Superior.

Sam, my great-nephew, then came to see me. This time, I went through a my-how-you’ve grown moment.

Other moments of great joy when a sci-fi fan said “I’m a fast reader. I’ll take the whole Arcadia series and Marooned.





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