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How to kill Men and get away with it Kathy Brent

Review of How to kill Men and get away with it Kathy Brent

Kitty Collins

is a rich, independent ‘influencer’ turned mass murderer with a mysterious stalker.

She is also a vegan This is because her family own a slaughterhouse with a meat grinder, and she has access to the processing plant and can go there when the workers are not around.

It’s a great way of disposing of bodies. Yuk! That sausage roll you’re eating may contain some human meat.

So why
is Kitty Collins knocking off men, you may ask.

Kitty dislikes the fear and hatred many women feel about the casual misogyny and general cruelty of men to women, so she becomes a vigilante, hunting down abusers and rapists.

Katy Brent’s novel fully describes the characters in the novel, including background stories, and has created a thrilling, macabre novel.

Five Stars from me *****

Reviewed by Andrew R Williams  Author

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