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Jim’s Pterodactyl


Jim's Pterodactyl Jim's Pterodactyl


Meet Ollie!

Jim’s Pterodactyl

The cheese-eating Pterodactyl.

Caldwell Ellis commissions a ‘find and retrieve’ mission in Papua New Guinea to locate Ropen eggs and prove to the world that Pterodactyls still exist.  (Ropen is the local name for Pterodactyls) .

An egg is sent back to the UK but is delivered to Jim Godwin by mistake.

Jim is advised to dump the egg in a waste bin but Jim is too kind-hearted to do that

Then the egg hatches and they call the new-born baby “Ollie”

But Jim is filled with trepidation.

Will Ollie grow into a monster with a 30-foot wingspan?.

Will it become the second Tipham Vampire?

Then there is food. Ollie develops a liking for cheese. Is she going to eat them out of house-and- home?

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