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Jim’s Revenge by Andrew R Williams

Jim’s Revenge by Andrew R Williams

Jim’s Revenge Jim’s First Day

Jim’s Revenge by Andrew R Williams. Poor old Jim. He just wanted a part-time job, but finds himself dragged into the local underworld; bullying, drug dealing, and race-fixing. What else could happen?

A reading – Jim’s First day

Jim arrived at 10.15 carrying two bags clanking with the crockery he’d been instructed to buy. He’d also purchased tea bags, coffee, milk and some biscuits.

After exchanging greetings with Sandra and Moira, he went to the tea-point and began making preparations. As the market vendor who’d sold him the new cups hadn’t looked very salubrious, Jim put the new cups into the dishwasher and turned it on. He smiled to himself happily; gone was the boredom of retirement; he had a part-time job and a purpose in life.

While the dishwasher chugged and the antiquated electric water boiler girded its loins, Jim began working his way around the offices taking orders, writing them down on a small notepad he’d bought.

Entering a rear office, Jim’s eyes locked onto Rheingold’s face. He knew him. He’d seen him before; but where? A look of recognition also appeared on Rheingold’s face.

Then Jim recalled where he’d seen Rheingold. He was one of the men Adrian Drinkwater had accused of being a drug dealer.

Rheingold recovered quickly, “Well, well, well; if it isn’t the duck feeder. You must be Jim. I hope you aren’t going to accuse me of being a drug dealer again.”

“I never did,” Jim replied. “That was my friend and he’s going a bit doolally. I apologise for what he said.”

“Apology accepted.”

Jim swiftly moved on, “I’m taking orders. Tea or coffee?”

“White coffee,” Rheingold said, “No sugar.”


Once Jim had left the room, Rheingold depressed an intercom button. “I’ve just met Jim Godwin,” he told Tupal.


“He’s the guy who fingered us in the park,” Rheingold said, “The guy who accused us of being drug dealers.”

“He can’t prove anything,” Tupal replied.

“He could start spreading rumours,” Rheingold said. “We need to get rid of him, pronto.”

“Like we got rid of Michelle, the cleaner who found our stash?” Tupal replied.

“Yeah,” Rheingold said.

As he’d just had a snort in the toilets, Tupal giggled, “Pity I’m out of white rats.”

Rheingold was not amused, “Forget white rats, you idiot. This is serious. Give him the run-around. Make his life difficult. We need to get rid of Jim Godwin before he can start spreading rumours.”


After Rheingold had hung up, Tupal glanced in Urnwood’s direction and gestured for him to come over. Tupal lowered his voice to a whisper.

“You know how we agreed to play a joke on Jim?”

When Urnwood nodded, Tupal said, “As Mr Flinnett won’t be in today, it would be a good time and I’ve had an idea.”

After a hasty conversation, Tupal said, “Sure you can handle it?”

Urnwood grinned, “Ace. Leave it with me.”



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