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Operation Trouser Snake


Playing Dirty: Operation Trouser SnakePlaying Dirty: Operation Trouser Snake


Playing Dirty: Operation Trouser Snake

I have just had the VINE VOICE review on Amazon for Playing Dirty: Operation Trouser Snake



5.0 out of 5 stars A political thriller not afraid of politics.

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 15, 2022

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In summarizing the synopsis, we find the main protagonist, Michael Ventiquatro, the flamboyant leader of the S & B Progressive Party, who wants to take over the UK Parliament. He is affluent and funded by his own multinational company Slash & Byrne Enterprises. Power-hungry, he distributes the Superdrug Ambronootrop which was banned in the US due to its negative side effects. He persuades his followers to take the drug and support the political party to achieve ‘fulfillment.’ Party followers who become ‘Superiors’ are fulfilled – as opposed to being just Homo Sapiens…

With the Media and police avoiding conflict, party thugs terrorize the UK. One of Ventiquatro’s top lieutenants is ordered to plan a series of covert strikes on democracy itself to win the next general election. Along with a nerve gas attack killing numerous members of parliament, “honey traps” set to damage surviving MPs and blackmail to undermine what’s left of his challengers… Who will prevail in the end?


Taut, gripping, and intelligent, Playing Dirty works very well as intended – a political thriller. Looking at the premise and plot, the story moved well. The book is very effective at both a macro and micro level; the national politics and personal emotional drama carry the same amount of narrative weight. The book works best at pulling the reader along for the ride and spinning a yarn so involving that it makes you want to read it from start to finish in one sitting.

Highly recommended and a well-deserved five stars from me.



All Five Star Reviews for Playing Dirty: Operation Trouser Snake.

Bob Stone said

In Playing Dirty, Operation Trouser Snake, Andrew R Williams presents us with a political thriller set in a world/time that is disturbingly similar to our own. The political wheeling and dealing, with its betrayals and counter-betrayals, would not be out of place in the books of Michael DobbsFrom the outset, Playing Dirty is a fast-moving page turner of a thriller

Liz Jenkins said,

Playing Dirty was very enjoyable, gripping, and very easy to read. I liked all the intricacy and duplicity in the plot.  I want to know what happens next!

Playing Dirty: Operation Trouser Snake.

Jane Morrow said

I have read and enjoyed all of Andrew R Williams books and Playing Dirty was no exception. The novel drew me in straight away
Playing Dirty, Operation Trouser Snake will be out soon. Make sure you get your copy



Political Sci-Fi at it’s best – Will make a great stocking filler.

Why not have a peek.

Thank you

Andrew R Williams
Sci-Fi that is out of this World.


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