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Playing Dirty Review

Playing Dirty Review

and extracts
Playing Dirty: Operation Trouser Snake

Playing Dirty: Operation Trouser Snake

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Playing Dirty: Operation Trouser Snake.

All Five Star Reviews for Playing Dirty: Operation Trouser Snake.

Bob Stone said

In Playing Dirty, Operation Trouser Snake, Andrew R Williams presents us with a political thriller set in a world/time that is disturbingly similar to our own. The political wheeling and dealing, with its betrayals and counter-betrayals, would not be out of place in the books of Michael Dobbs. From the outset, Playing Dirty is a fast-moving page turner of a thriller. Five stars

Liz Jenkins said,

Playing Dirty was very enjoyable, gripping, and very easy to read. I liked all the intricacy and duplicity in the plot.  I want to know what happens next! Five Stars

Playing Dirty: Operation Trouser Snake.

Jane Morrow said

I have read and enjoyed all of Andrew R Williams books and Playing Dirty was no exception. The novel drew me in straight away Five stars

Playing Dirty, Operation Trouser Snake will be out soon. Make sure you get your copy


Pursamon walked into the Majestic Hotel and rang the reception bell. When the front desk appeared, Pursamon said, “I have an appointment with Alan Fitorez.”

Although Pursamon was smartly dressed, a businesswoman about town, the expression on Front Desk’s face changed; the welcoming smile faded, and suspicion emerged.

The hotel had standards, sex workers were discouraged, and Front Desk was sufficiently experienced to surmise Pursamon fitted into that category.

Sensing that her presence would be queried, Pursamon handed over her ID card without being asked. She said, “Mr Fitorez is expecting me for a private business meeting.”


Epistrone said, “My associate told me about your nickname and that you’d done this type of work before.”

“I have,” Pursamon acknowledged, “Engineered indiscretions are my speciality. It’s widespread in some business sectors. A compromising photograph adds leverage when hammering out a deal.”

A slight smile formed on Epistrone’s face; Pursamon hadn’t used the word blackmail; she’d skirted around the issue.

“Good,” Epistrone said, “So you’ve worked for the big boys then.”

Pursamon said, “I never reveal other clients or their business.”

“Well, that’s good to hear,” Epistrone replied. “I expect you to keep anything you do for us strictly under wraps. Understood?”

When Pursamon nodded, Epistrone pushed the photograph album in her direction. He said, “These are the people I want honey-trapped, and there will probably be a few more later.”

After flicking through the file and realising how many ‘tricks’ were involved, Pursamon said, “This many! Are you serious?”

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