Arcadia’s Children 2


Ed’s mind has been compromised following an incident with an Arcadian Plesiosaur and now he’s making reports to Midwain Intelligence.

Watch out for Bounty Hunters, intent on enslaving Claire Hyndman and killing Mick Tarmy, it’s not certain who’ll ever be leaving Cittavecchia.

Who can they Trust?

Who will Help?


Ed Pushley doesn’t seem the same following an incident. Is he plotting their downfall or is it something else? Tarmy and his crew have made enemies of them all and will need lots of help from Alex, their TK5 ‘minder’ to make a clean break. Who else will help them? And who can they trust?

Just what is Ed doing on that boat?

Other than a faint glow and hum of electronic equipment coming from one of the dive boat cockpits and the rotating radar antenna high above, everywhere seemed quiet and lifeless.

Worse, with the external lighting deliberately turned off to conserve power and the thick fog still swirling in from the river, moving around the dive boats was difficult. Even the powerful handheld torch Ed Pushley was carrying didn’t help much.

Once he’d carefully worked his way along one of the gangplanks connecting the boats, Pushley glanced around furtively. Satisfied that no one was watching, he let himself into a small store-room.

Squeezing in, he closed the door and ran his torch around the inside of the store. He suffered a brief heart- stopping moment…

This Book Two in the Arcadia’s Children series. You can jump in to this one or start with Samatha’s Revenge, Book 1.


5.0 out of 5 stars

A shape-shifting mind-bending thriller that kept me hooked from the first chapter.

Williams is now one of my favorite up-and-coming fantasy / science fiction authors and I’ll avidly await his future releases. The characters were fully developed which is something you don’t always find with smaller press publishing house authors. So much so that I’m sure I have missed out on some side-plot complexities on my first read, so I’ll be going back to reread in a while from now.

I would definitely recommend giving this a read for any fans of the sci-fi / fantasy genres.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Believable and well written sci-fi

Arcadia’s Children 2: The Fyfield Plantation is a really decent sci-fi story. What I liked most was how William’s makes everything seem perfectly plausible and believable. If you read sci-fi, you want the world that opens up around you to be a place for great escapism, and that’s exactly what happens on Arcadia. The attention to detail in describing the make-up of the planet,  teleportation, and the technical information for systems used enhances the experience of the world the author has created. Even the storyline following corruptive ‘Great Ones’ who are growing a dangerous street drug is relatable to current affairs and makes the situation on Arcadia more conceivable. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will be looking out for more in the series.