My name is Bee Bee, well, at least that’s what everyone calls me, and I’m 15, nearly 16. The last year has been tough, and I’ve found myself on the Empress of Incognita star ship, travelling through the stars toward a new life with my dad and step-mum. Or at least that’s what should be happening.

When the Empress hits a mine in deep space, things go from bad to worse. Not only are some of the other passengers a threat, once we leave the Empress and end up on Arcadia, we realise that its occupants, the Great Ones, are going to make life extremely difficult for all of us.


I’m Bee Bee and I’m on the Empress of Incognita, travelling through the stars toward a new life with my dad & step-mum.

Well at least I was; But then we hit some old, leftover junk space mines from a long-ago war and the computer got us to an Earth Type Planet. I Don’t how how we’ll survive here but we’ll call it Arcadia. It’ll do for now… Can we survive? Can I stop the killing?

Dad’s a bit of a nasty piece of work and friend Chas is a bit of a know-it-all, then there’s the chaotic Whistons and Carl our leader, but he’s in over his head to be honest.

Find out how we got Marooned and just what we faced on Arcadia. It’s where Arcadia’s Children started – enjoy!


Marooned is a fantastic read.

I felt both astounded and proud as Bee navigates through the process of dealing with the evil forces on board the damaged Empress of Incognita and the perils that await everyone on the outside.

Each page is more action-packed than the one before it. I read this book with bated breath.

I delved into the power that courage of conviction and the quest to do the right thing can have on someone so young and so marred by tragedy, as well as a non-supportive relationship with a parental figure. Five stars from me *****