Playing Dirty (Operation Trouser Snake)


Michael Ventiquatro is the charismatic leader of the S & B Progressive Party and has ambitions to win a massive majority in the UK Parliament and gain total power.

After organising a successful nerve gas attack on Parliament, many MPs die with survivors being ‘honey trapped’ to discredit them.

Only a brave few are trying to thwart Michael Ventiquatro’s ambitions. Who will win this unequal battle?


This dystopian cyberpunk adventure romp will have you turning the pages to find out just what comes next!

It all revolves around Michael Ventiquatro, the charismatic leader of the S & B Progressive Party who has ambitions to win a massive majority and bend UK Parliament to his will. Money’s no object as he’s funded by his own multinational company, Slash & Byrne Enterprises and he’ll stop at nothing to achieve POWER!

All politicians make promises and Ventiquatro is no different, convincing his followers they’ll reach Fulfilment if they take Ambronootrop and toe the S & B Progressive Party line. Ambronootrop? Well that’s his superdrug. Banned in the USA, because of the side effects it caused but how bad could it be?

Fulfilment is when a Party follower is converted into a Superior (as opposed to Homo) Sapiens. With S & B thugs intimidating the UK population, very few people are prepared to stick their heads above the parapet and most – Police & Media included – turn a blind eye to the claims. Others choose to believe them.

Ventiquatro stops at nothing in his quest for parliamentary power with a series of underhand attacks on democracy including a nerve gas attack on Parliament which kills many British MPs. The survivors are targeted by his femme fatale Honey Pursamon. Her task is to “Honey Trap” surviving members of Parliament and discredit them. This is called Operation Trouser Snake.

John St. Saviour, the MP for Upper Penstock, is one of the first MPs to fall into Honey Pursamon’s trap. Photographed naked and engaged in sex with Honey Pursamon whilst under the influence of drugs, St. Saviour faces a dilemma.

Does St. Saviour fight Ventiquatro’s machinations and risk his marriage and political career? Or do John St. Saviour and the other trouser snakes do as Michael Ventiquatro bids and nod through extremist measures in Parliament? Just how trustworthy do you expect your MPs to be? What would you do if Honey Pursamon came calling in the dead of night?

Watch as Ventiquatro’s loyal henchman revels in his increasing criminality. Gasp as a few staunch survivors battle the unstoppable rise of Michael Ventiquatro.

Just who will win this unequal battle? Just what is the alternative to Playing Dirty?