It’s a wonder drug!

Hailed for its mind-expanding powers, everything was fine until Tony catches on to the secret plan to create a master race from his Ambronootrop drug.

With his warehouse on fire, Tony lands himself on the wrong side of the law by stealing a car. And with powerful foes and allies coming out of the woodwork, the besieged scientist plunges deeper into a nightmare of disastrous proportions.

Will he escape? Will he make it right?


He’s a head-in-the-clouds scientist. But when neo-Nazis seize hold of his wonder drug, he’ll have to run for his life…

Tony Kinfrank should be riding high. Inventor of a wonder drug that expands the human brain, the well-meaning introvert is horrified when he discovers unscrupulous manufacturers running illicit experiments. When his warehouse is burned to the ground, he flees just ahead of cold-hearted drug barons, vengeful activists and neo-Nazi-funded hitmen.

Can Tony stay one step ahead of brutal tyrants in a world driven by greed?

Superior is a tense political science fiction thriller that continues the story found in Jim’s Revenge. If you like well-defined characters, cinematic action, and complex conspiracies, then you’ll love Andrew R Williams’ breakneck adventure.

Buy Superior to join a deadly game of hide-and-seek today!


Superior is a detailed well thought out story that takes the reader on a action packed adventure from the first page…

5.0 out of 5 stars An action-packed sci-fi thriller.

Reviewed in the United States on 18 October 2021