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Review Step by Step by Simon Reeve

Step by Step by Simon Reeve  Four Stars ****

I love Simon Reeve on TV and make a point of watching his documentaries, so I would love to have given his book five stars, but I think four stars is about right.

To me, a good book can’t be put down. It’s “burn the mid-night oil” until you reach the last page.

Simon’s book was informative, thought-provoking but slow.

However, it was very truthful, with nothing hidden.

I was amazed to discover that he was a juvenile delinquent and school dropout and suffered severely with his mental health.

His mental state dropped so low that he was about to commit suicide, but a passing lorry driver sounded his horn and jolted Simon out of his destructive mental state, and he abandoned his attempt.

Simon writes openly about his early struggles with mental health issues, as he literally travels “Step by Step” out of serious depression.

He shares his early aspirations to join MI6 and walking into their headquarters looking for a job,

Lady luck intervened, and Simon managed to break out of a dead-end life because Andrew Neil (of TV fame) allowed him to start on the lowest rung in the post room of the Sunday Times.

His life then really turned around because he made himself indispensable and was determined to learn his “Trade.”

Rising from his lowly print room status, he began later researching the bombing of the World Trade Center and writing “The New Jackals: ”

Simon believed that the modern terrorist would keep on trying to attack the same symbols of capitalism until they succeeded. He was proven right when the planes were deliberately flown into the towers

Simon shares many of his travel adventures to places less travelled by others, with intelligence, good humour and empathy for those struggling with poverty, war and basic human rights.

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