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Sci-Fi Books for Christmas

Sci-Fi Books for Christmas

Playing Dirty: Operation Trouser Snake
Coming shortly
Playing Dirty: Operation Trouser Snake

Playing Dirty: Operation Trouser Snake

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Synopsis of Playing Dirty: Operation Trouser Snake

Power-hungry Ventiquatro
Sci-Fi Books for Christmas. Michael Ventiquatro is the charismatic leader of the S & B Progressive Party and has ambitions to win a massive majority in the UK Parliament and gain total power.
As Ventiquatro is wealthy and funded by his multinational company, Slash & Byrne Enterprises, money is no object.

The power-hungry Ventiquatro is distributing Ambronootrop, a Superdrug banned in the USA, because of the side effects it caused. Undeterred, Ventiquatro convinces his followers they will reach Fulfilment  if they take Ambronootrop and tow the S & B Progressive Party line


Fulfilment is when a Party follower is converted into a Superior (as opposed Homo Sapiens).

With S & B thugs intimidating the UK population, very few people are prepared to stick their heads above the parapet. Even the media and the police avoid confrontation with the S & B Progressive Party.

Ventiquatro instructs his second-in-command and loyal follower, Arthur Epistrone, to mastermind a series of underhand attacks on democracy. The objective is to ensure that the S & B Progressive Party Party triumphs at the next general election.

Gas Attack on Parliament

After organising a successful nerve gas attack on Parliament, many MPs die. Epistrone also engages Honey Pursamon. Her task is to “Honey Trap” surviving members of Parliament and discredit them. This is called Operation Trouser Snake.

John St.Saviour, the MP for Upper Penstock, is one of the first MPs to fall into Honey Pursamon’s trap. Photographed naked and engaged in sex with Honey Pursamon whilst under the influence of drugs, St.Saviour faces a dilemma.

As the UK population dislikes MPs and always believes in the worst-case scenarios,  does St.Saviour fight Ventiquatro’s machinations and risk his marriage and political career?

Or, do John St.Saviour and the other “trouser snakes” do as Michael Ventiquatro bids and nod through extremist measures in Parliament?

Epistrone is blackmailed

During Epistrone’s campaign of blackmail, the situation is reversed when Martin Moxstroma, Epistrone’s main rival, discovers a secret file implicating Epistrone with the gas attack on Parliament. The file was compiled by Alan Kerr and Keith Marrings, who suffered terrible deformities during the early Fulfilment trials.

Martin Moxstroma is assassinated, and everyone believes Epistrone ordered his death. At first, Epistrone adamantly denies being involved in the killing but then begins to enjoy the fear he instils in those around him and orders more criminal activity to cover his tracks.

Only Cranmore Huxley and Morgan Fletchley are trying to thwart  Michael Ventiquatro’s ambitions.

Who will win this unequal battle?


Sci-Fi Books for Christmas by Andrew R Williams
Ebooks and paperback
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With Arnie

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