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Sci-Fi Books for Christmas – Marooned

Sci-Fi Books for Christmas – Marooned


An alien bid for supremacy. A starship crippled, its passengers marooned. When mutiny rises and the enemy attacks, can a teen stop the bloodshed?


Alice G, Reviewer five stars

Gold Star

Marooned, Sci-fi Books for Christmas; The novel follows the crew of the Empress of Incognita, a starship, as they try to survive on a planet they’ve named Arcadia after becoming stranded in an unfamiliar portion of space. Arcadia is not without it’s dangers though from former passengers trying to create an empire. Or the danger from strange parasitic beings imprisoned there known only as the great ones who want to enslave humanity.

Drawn in right away

This book did a good job drawing me in right away. Bee Bee (the narator) is a bit irritating at times but it makes sense for his age. The prophetic dreams he receives is also an interesting story telling mechanic that allows the story to move along without becoming too dark. I’m looking forward to reading the next book (if there is a next one). Author’s Note – There will be

Jewel – Sci-Fi Books for Christmas – Marooned

5.0 out of 5 stars Fast paced plot

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 6 May 2022

Marooned (Sci-fi Books for Christmas); is the prequel to Arcadia’s Children series. Now we get to the part where and how everything started – Arcadia. It’s a well written story with a lots of twists, turns and suspense with a good measure of intrigue thrown into the mix. I love the character and world building in this novel, just like the author’s other books from this series.

Meet Bee Bee, a teenager who asks a lot of questions and the story revolves around how he grows up fast and why. If you love a good sci-fi or a good story, this is a must read.

The series of Arcadia’s Children makes even more sense, now that we have the prequel!


4.0 out of 5 stars A fast-paced plot. Suspenseful scenarios. Page-turner.

Reviewed in the United States on 2 May 2022

Verified Purchase

Marooned (Sci-fi Books for Christmas); the Empress of Incognita was heading towards an unknown semi-Earth type planet. Someone dubbed it Arcadia, and the name stuck.

The goal sounded easy enough, but as with all good stories, once twists were added, it changed the objective. Suspense, greed, power, and control became part of the story, and you have a page-turner.

The recent addition of the Arcadia series was marked with these human behaviors, but only unity and one young man’s ability to listen could save the day.

Forced to abandon ship

Being in space on a ship would have been perfect for most people. But for Bee Bee and his fellow travelers , it was an entirely different thing.

Bee Bee (James) Kinfrank was a typical teenager that asked a lot of questions, to everyone’s chagrin. Left disfigured after a gruesome accident, the scare in his face didn’t make him a favorite. But this was also the reason for him to connect with people on differently, which made him in the end more acceptable, even a leader in his ‘tribe’. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

Nasty father

His father was a genuine piece of work which showed his true colors at the end. And Mary was his only support when things really became difficult, even though she was only his step mum.

To be stuck into deep space without knowing if you would be saved created all sorts of problems and soon to be sixteen-year-old Bee Bee had to grow up.

Not only were there an enemy in the wormholes, but there were enemies inside. And he had to listen to the inner voice for guidance.

Lack of space, oxygen and food added to the tension as the dilapidated ship tried to stay on course.

The characters are well drawn

Chas Foony knew too much but was a good informant/friend to Bee Bee. Then there was the Whiston family—the bain in everyone’s life that caused havoc wherever he and his gang of misfits went. Carl Whyler was thrust into a leadership position and way over his head. Mary became Bee Bee’s support and protector while he became her purpose for being in the ‘tribe’.

Fast paced plot

The fast-paced plot quickly takes you from one suspenseful scenario to another while the group tries to survive. First on the ship, then on the new planet, where more twists made for adventurous moments.
When an alien appeared on the ship, killing everyone on its path, it left Bee Bee a strange message. This was where the story escalated and became very interesting. With flashbacks from Mars and his mother’s death, you could sense the building tension.

Especially the secretive ‘Great Ones’ no one knew about except for Bee Bee and his dreams. A force that added an additional layer of tension to the entire plot.

Quote from the novel

“The Great Ones were sent to this planet for security reasons. This planet is far from the rest of our culture. Under our laws, execution is not possible. So sending them here seemed a sensible solution; they were banished to repent for their war crimes.”

The Great Ones

These parasite creatures or beings controlled the new planet, and the survival game has stepped up a notched. Adding more drama, mystery, and suspense. Especially when Suzanne Flyfield stepped into the picture.
This was a good read that every science fiction reader would enjoy. The story touches on primal behaviours and how humans would cope when put in a strange environment where the only aim is to survive. Not only as a human, but as a race.
The character of Bee Bee became the centre of their survival, which made this a good plotline. In the end, his own struggles and how he had to overcome it were woven into the many layers and a race was saved.

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