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Lucy Clarke author

The Hike by Lucy Clarke

Four female friends set off on a hike in a well-portrayed setting of a fictional location in Norway, a hike that takes them into the beautiful Norwegian wilds. The perfect place for someone to disappear!

Before the hike started, they had all hoped to leave behind their everyday lives whilst tracking through forests, swimming in the sea and preparing for their assault on a mountain peak.

However, although they have been friends for years they still have secrets. During the four-day hike, secrets are bound to emerge, aren’t they?

Possible infidelities?

Marriages on the rocks?

Unwanted pregnancies?

More importantly, one woman has been warned not to go on the hike because bad weather is about to break. She ignores the warning and doesn’t tell the others because she organised the hike and doesn’t want to call it off.

Also, before setting off, the four friends learn there’s a darker side to the wilderness. A woman went missing here one year ago. Who killed her?

The boyfriend is thought to be the killer by the locals. But is he?

Is there a killer on the loose that no one suspects?

Despite the dangers, they still proceed.

Each chapter finishes with a cliffhanger. Ah! I can’t stop reading now. I must go on!

It’s an addictive read.

Four Stars from me

Andrew R Williams Author of the Arcadia’s Children Series, Jim’s Revenge, Superior and Playing Dirty



Coming shortly – Jim’s Pterodactyl


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