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The Jig-Saw Man by   Nadine Matheson Four Stars****

The Jig-Saw Man by   Nadine Matheson Four Stars****

I don’t normally, read many crime novels or “whodunits”.

The Jig-Saw Man was a read put forward by the book club I belong to.

There are two killers involved in this crime novel;  Peter Olivier (the Jig-Saw Man) and a copycat killer.

Peter Olivier is in prison. DI Anjelica Henley helped to put him there.

During the arrest of Olivier,  Henley gets knifed by him . As a result of the knifing Henley is  suffering from from post traumatic stress diorder.

She has additional stress because her husband wants her to resign from the police.

The central storyline centres around trying to catch the copycat killer and work out why he’s copying Olivier’s style of killing by dismembering each corpse.

The book is full of characters (jurors from the trial of Peter Olivier.)  After a while, I found it difficualt to remember who was who.  However, it was a gripping story

The book comes to a breathtaking end when …. No, I’ll stop there. Read the book and find out.

Thank you for reading my book blog.


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