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The Satsuma Complex by Bob Mortimer.

The Satsuma Complex by Bob Mortimer.

A Review of The Satsuma Complex  by Andrew R Williams

Bob Mortimer (author)

The Satsuma Complex is slightly strange because although it is told in the first person by Gary Thorn, the main character.  But Emily pops up in the first person from time to time and tells her story.

But what the hell, who cares? The novel is full of Bob Mortimer humour and very well written.

So what happens?

Gary Thorn is around thirty years of age and works at a solicitor’s office, and appears low in the pecking order. Gary is living in a virtually unfurnished flat, has low self-esteem, is lonely and looking for love.  He also talks to squirrels in the local park and has imagined conversations with them.

Gary goes for a pint with a work acquaintance called Brendan. When Brendan leaves early, Gary meets a girl in the pub. He doesn’t catch her name, but falls for her anyway. When she suddenly disappears without saying goodbye, all Gary has to remember her by is the book she was reading: The Satsuma Complex. But when Brendan goes missing, Gary needs to track down the girl he now calls Satsuma to get some answers.

The book has an exciting plot and twists and turns along the way. The Satsuma Complex is far better than I thought it would be. It’s a great comedy caper.

Reviewed by Andrew R Williams author of Jim’s Revenge


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