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The Tipham Trilogy

The Tipham Trilogy  
by Andrew R Williams
Edmundo J Cunningham.

Edmundo J Cunningham.

The Tipham Trilogy comprises:-

Jim’s Revenge


Playing Dirty: Operation Trouser Snake.

So where is Tipham?

Tipham is a town in the North West of England. It started as a small village but swiftly grew during the industrial revolution.

If you visit Tipham, I have listed below a few points of interest. However, beware! Like Ambridge in Borsetshire, if you decide to visit Tipham, your satnav may cause you problems

Points of interest

The original village centre is now within a conservation area, and several buildings and structures have been listed. These listings include the equestrian statue of Edmundo J Cunningham. (See below for further information.)

In the centre, Tipham is well-served by several traditional English pubs. The Red Lion has its own microbrewery attached

On the outskirts of Tipham, you will find the canal and marina. All the original canalside buildings have been repurposed. One section is now a large public house, and another a local museum.

Further out, there is  Cunningham Hall, built by the ubiquitous  Edmundo J Cunningham,  in memory of his late wife.

Don’t miss the deer park.

Tipham has associations with the American milliary, and many roads on new estates have been named after US States.

There are other reminders of the Second World War. Roftipham was a munitions factory. When Roftipham was constructed, it was on the outskirts of Tipham but was absorbed by Tipham’s expansion. Roftipham has now been converted into starter units for small businesses.

Local food stuffs.

The most famous local food is the Tipham Torpedo. Rumour has it that the Tipham Torpedo will shortly be registered under the Protected Geographical Indication scheme.

Jim’s Revenge

Although retired, Jim Godwin takes a lowly part-time job at Slobend, Fleecem & Skinnem out of boredom and the need to eke out his pension.

Unfortunately for Jim, he’s had a prior altercation with two staff members. Worse, Jim knows that they are drug dealers on the side.

The two main drug-dealing ringleaders at Slobend, Fleecem & Skinnem, try to get rid of Jim by playing pranks on him. However, Jim is made of steamer stuff and refuses to leave. He then realizes that Moira Buckle, another staff member, is also being bullied and coming to her aid.

With the help of his younger relatives and friends, Jim uses cunning and computer technology to get his revenge.


"Jim's Revenge" novel by Andrew R Williams : Book Cover. Bearded man and cup of tea

Jim’s Revenge


Superior is a parallel novel running alongside Playing Dirty: Operation Trouser Snake.

Ambronootrop was hailed as a new wonder drug. It improves health and brainpower. Students in the USA start taking Ambronootrop to improve their exam results. However, Ambronootrop was soon banned in the USA because students taking it suffered severe side effects.

However, Slash and Byrne, a European company, continues to manufacture Ambronootrop.

When Tony Kinfrank, the inventor of Ambronootrop, discovers Slash and Byrne have secret Neo-Nazi ambitions, he is forced to flee for his life. Not only are they planning to take over the UK they and using his wonder drug to create a master race

Having nowhere else to go, h Tony drives to his brother’s house in Tipham in a stolen car.

Will Tony Kinfrank escape and act as a whistleblower?




"Superior" : novel by Andrew R Williams : cyberpunk skull



Playing Dirty: Operation Trouser Snake.

Playing Dirty: Operation Trouser Snake is a parallel novel running alongside Superior. It is an insight into the political scheming of Michael Ventiquatro and the S & B Progressive Party

Ventiquatro’s strategy involves destroying the Houses of Parliament with a nerve gas attack and taking over the UK.

To assist with the takeover, Ventiquatro supplies his supporter with Ambronootrop, which can mould individuals to his will and create a master race.

Piaras gave this novel Five Stars and said:-

A political thriller not afraid of politics…

In summarizing the synopsis, we find the main protagonist, Michael Ventiquatro, the flamboyant leader of the S & B Progressive Party, who wants to take over the UK Parliament.

He is affluent and funded by his own multinational company Slash & Byrne Enterprises. Power-hungry, he distributes the Superdrug Ambronootrop, which was banned in the US due to its adverse side effects.

He persuades his followers to take the drug and support the political party to achieve ‘fulfilment.’ Party followers who become ‘Superiors’ are fulfilled – as opposed to being just Homo Sapiens…

I recommend this book to enthusiasts of politics, thrillers, and mysteries because it contains sequences from each genre.


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Playing Dirty, Operation Trouser Snake


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