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This is the Night They Come for You by Robert Goddard

This is the Night They Come for You by Robert Goddard

Five Stars *****

This is the night they come for you


The novel opens in Algiers with Superintendent Mouloud Taleb being seconded to work with a female agent, Hidouchi, from the country’s feared secret service.

They are instructed to pursue a former agent, now on the run after twenty years in prison for his part in a high-level corruption scandal.

Taleb is close to retirement and is selected as a “fall guy”, but of course, he doesn’t know that.

In England, Stephen Gray gets drawn in because he wants to know the truth about his sister’s disappearance in Paris nearly sixty years before.

The characters are well-crafted and engaging, particularly the world-weary Taleb, who has suffered so much. The Algerian Secret Service agent Hidouchi is also an interesting character.

Five Stars from me

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