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Westminster Sex Scandal


One of the ways of destroying a British Politician’s career is if he’s involved in a


A good sex scandal will rumble on for weeks with the Media in hot pursuit because sex sells and the British like to see those in authority torn to shreds.

The sex scandal is the modern-day equivalent of Christians being thrown to the lions or a good public execution.

Michael Ventiquatro is a man determined to create a new Party and break into British Politics. He is determined to Play Dirty to win.

What better way to gain power than creating a


Michael Ventiquatro’s fixer is Arthur Epistrone.

As Ventiquatro’s business enterprises can shell out big money. Epistrone engages Honey Pursamon to set honey traps for all standing MPs to cripple the incumbent government. The code name for the Honey Trap is Operation Trouser Snake.

To weaken the government further, Epistrone engineers a gas attack on Parliament.

But like General Franco, Michael Ventiquatro has many columns marching against democracy. The third, secret “column” is the drug Ambronootrop B which is highly addictive and will allow Ventiquatro to control the population.

Playing Dirty: Operation Trouser Snake is out on Amazon.

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